Experience history

Veseud is located in the heart of Transylvania, 6 kilometers from Agnita and 60 kilometers from Sibiu, embedded between the green hills of Harbach Highlands. The main street is the only paved street and leads you among old farms, colorfull houses and wide gardens.

The farmyard no. 11 was built by Martin Schneider in 1883 and still tells the stories of former residents. When two German brothers with transylvanian descent found the slowly declining farmyard they were fascinated by its hidden beauty immediately.

Caring and complex redecoration started soon. The former barn with its huge glass window , the wooden terrace and the fireplace became the architectural jewel of Veseud 11. It was the aim of the decoration to create a place of serenity where you can relax and get back to the roots.

And because we think what worked out pretty well at Veseud 11, we will also redecorate Veseud 12 and 14 for you!

And if this should be to calm for you- there are many possibilities for becoming active around Veseud...

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